D’you know what i mean?

21 02 2009

Via 31 da Armada – o testemunho de Noel Gallagher sobre concerto de Lisboa –


“I think it was my favourite night…” – Noel “Sorry droogs. Forgot about you lot!” “Now then – what’s been happening?” “Well, we went to Lisbon. I thought it wouldn’t get any better than Barcelona and Madrid – how wrong I was. I think it was my favourite night of the whole tour so far. It may well have been the best gig too. Them kids sang it LOUD, man.” Gave our disc-jockey a lesson in heavy psychedelic rock music in the dressing room afterwards. I really should try my hand at that dj’ing malarky. I’d be fuckin’ brilliant.” Left the people of Lisbon with a message of love for José Mourinho. We really do need him back in England. Preferably at Man City.”

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